A Life Meant for Joy

By: Virginia Lieto

I muddled through life as a technology audit manager. Sound boring? Well, after 24 years as an auditor, yes, it became boring. Life became unfulfilling, and I felt this searching feeling well up within me, that wouldn’t go away. I wanted something more out of life. Rather than always pointing out what went wrong, I wanted to make people feel good. I needed a change! The Holy Spirit was speaking to me; only I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that my life wasn’t giving me joy.

How to Find Joy

I did a lot of soul searching over a two-year period. I asked myself:

  1. How does one make a career change after spending so much time in one field?
  2. Who would look at me and consider me for anything else other than auditing?
  3. What am I passionate about?
  4. Do I have any transferrable skills?
  5. How do I want to spend the rest of my life?

The answers came slowly, as if following a trail of crumbs. Things, outside of my control, began to fall into place. Here’s what I deduced:

  1. A person can make a career change, if one wills it. As long as you have breath within you, it is never too late.
  2. People will consider you, if you take the proper steps to make the transition.
  3. I am passionate about my faith.
  4. I always received kudos any time I offered training in my old profession. Why then, with proper education, couldn’t I be a public speaker and adjunct professor of Theology?
  5. As God revealed this plan to me, and the means to make it all happen, I took the plunge; that leap of faith. I made the decision to retire from auditing; to do some good for others; to find that joy missing from my life.

What happened next, was forever memorable. On the night before I was about to hand in my retirement notice, and sign up for graduate school, I stood at the foot of my bed and asked my husband, if he thought this was what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do. His response floored both him and me! He quietly said, “The Lord finds favor with your plan.” We both looked at each other mouths wide open and eyebrows raised. My husband spoke in such a tone that we both knew those words didn’t come from him. The Holy Spirit spoke those words to both of us. I needed no further proof.

Living a Life of Joy

That night I made a vow to God: I gave Him my “fiat,” my yes; just like Mary gave her “fiat” to the Lord’s will on that wonderful day in Nazareth. I would give my life to Him, in His service, to do with as He pleases. Today, five plus years later, I have my Masters of Arts in Pastoral Theology. I am an adjunct professor of Theology teaching four courses. I speak publicly on the Catholic faith, and blog about the virtues. In my spare time, I write children’s picture books, teaching children the virtues.

God directs my business every day. I find Him to be the best boss I have ever had. He keeps me very busy! Today, my life is not easy-peasy, but I can attest that it is filled with joy!



In her spare time, Virginia Lieto writes children’s books centered on three sisters who learn the virtues from their parents. Her first in the series is “Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity – Finding Patience,” a 2016 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, as well as a Catholic Writer’s Guild Seal of Approval recipient. Her second book in the series, “Finding Acceptance” is in the works. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, as well as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Virginia and her husband, Nick, of 37+ years, live in sunny North Carolina where the hospitality and southern cuisine are at their finest, and the weather is the best! Her website can be found at http://virginialieto.com.



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